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Are you wasting your time?

Are you wasting your time on the wrong person? Or do you actually need to give the right person more time?

How do I get him to ask me out?

Now, I’m going to cut a long story short here, if a guy is really interested and keen to pursue something, he will take your number and he will ask you out. If you’ve given all the hints, he is single and has some degree of self-confidence, and he still hasn’t - it’s probably time to move on. But there will be times when a little effort from you will boost his confidence and showing him you’re interested can really help move things along. So, from a woman that used to be a pro at this: Be flirty. If you’re not naturally flirty, go OTT on the flirtation - what feels like a lot for you, won’t feel anything like that much for him! Ask him questions and show an interest in his life, what he’s do



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