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2017: My Saturn's Return

Discover the lessons I've learnt from ending up in intensive care, getting over heart break and changing my career to help and inspire o

Stay healthy through the holidays

Now, I’m not here to play Scrooge. If you want to eat what you want and do what you want during the holidays, go ahead. But I think there’s probably a reason you clicked on this link… I loved reading posts on this, especially when I was faced with the Christmas season in London. And whilst I could probably have worked out some of the advice out for myself, it’s always useful to have someone else spell it out for you. These are my suggestions. Pick and choose the bits that work for you. Add in your own ideas. Adopt an approach that’s going to work for you, because (as with everything in your life) it needs to work for you to work at all. Moderate or abstain Firstly, it’s useful to work how yo



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