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Five things that changed my life. Rapido.

Hair Credit @HayleyStevenson :P 1. Getting to know myself And I mean really know myself. I knew before I was a 5-foot-2, brown haired girl from Surrey. I didn’t know the thing that stresses me out the most (not living up to my own expectations). That my main struggle was trying to fit into someone else’s agenda. That I could make doing the same things much more bearable when I was able to structure my own time. I realised I never spent any time really getting to know myself before. Even the things I did kind of knew before (that I’m optimist, an extrovert) I never took time to acknowledge. Or work out how they could work best for me. By getting to know myself, I am able to understand why I d

5 things that make me cry about the lives of corporate professionals

As I’ve detached myself from the corporate world (or at least, engage with it from my corporate wellness perspective), I’ve been able to look back and reflect on the many, many things I believe are wrong with the corporate world. Here’s are the five things that make me want to cry when I look back at the life I used to lead, that of corporate professionals. I've added in a few solutions as well, if any of these are resonating with you... 1. Poor Health This is so easily seen in the gray, washed out faces of many of those in the corporate world. I can’t remember the last time (if ever) seeing a corporate professional with glowing skin, sparkling eyes and radiating a natural energy. Nowadays,



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