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Find your Dream Partner

How would it feel like to wake up every day next to the partner of your dreams? To have a plus one for dinner parties, weddings and holidays.


To break out of your relationship patterns of the past and enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling relationship?

Do you find: 

  • you keep getting attracted to the wrong type of partner?

  • when you do find someone, they always seem to disappear?

  • you're starting to think that you will never find someone?

  • you've done all the "inner work" but still can't find a committed partner?

Would you like to: 

  • understand why you keep attracting the same kind of relationship?

  • find closure from the past, for good?

  • attract a partner who is interested in a long-term, fulfilling relationship?

  • work with a relationship coach who will identify your patterns and needs and help you find your dream partner ?

What if you knew: 

  • exactly which relationship patterns are stopping you finding the relationship you want

  • how to get the closure you want and need

  • that your dream partner is absolutely out there 

  • the exact steps you need to take to attract them to you

“Kat was a massive help to me with new relationships. I was getting anxious and upset all the time but didn't really know why. Kat really understood what I was feeling and was able to identify where the negative feelings were coming from. I now feel more relaxed, happy in myself and ready to deal with all the things I'd previously been so worried about. I've now met someone amazing and we've moved in together. Kat was just great!"

Hannah / Insurance Advisor / UK

Finding Your Dream Partner

An exclusive six week* private coaching program.


Your journey to finding your dream partner will be completely unique to you. We'll use methods that have worked for many people to break old relationship patterns and attract a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship. But your six-weeks will be completely tailored to your needs. 

Here is a framework of what your program will cover, though you may want to spend more time on certain areas and less on others. This is your journey.

Your Dream Partner. 

*This is also available as an in-depth four month program

Week One - Relationship History Analysis 

  • Detailed relationship history

  • Identify your relationship patterns from the past 

  • Clarify your relationship intentions

Week Two - Closure

  • Acknowledge the sadness/guilt/anger/regret from past relationships

  • Cut the cords with ex-partners

  • Close toxic relationships from the past

Week Three - Reframing Relationship Patterns

  • Dig deep to find out the reasons behind your relationship patterns

  • Identify the new patterns you need to adopt

  • Practical plan for reframing your old patterns into new patterns

Week Four - Your Ideal Relationship Map

  • Understand your relationship needs

  • Map out your ideal relationship 

  • Discover the traits of your dream partner 

Week Five - Becoming You

  • Understand which traits to strengthen to attract your dream partner

  • Build confidence, trust and magnetism 

  • Work through any limiting beliefs preventing you finding dream partner

Week Six - Attracting Your Dream Partner

  • The secret laws to attracting your dream partner

  • Identify your dating strategy

  • What to do when you've met your dream partner

Additional Experience - Equus coaching retreat

  • Receive honest, objective feedback on how you show up when dating

  • Deep-dive into the emotional and behavioural patterns preventing you from securing a committed relationship

  • Experience and learn how to attract true connection and intimacy 

You can find out more about Equus coaching by clicking here. 

Program Contents

This exclusive six week private coaching program includes:

  • six weeks of one-to-one relationship coaching 

  • personalised weekly action plan

  • guided meditations

  • tailored weekly affirmations

  • dating/messaging advice

  • dating profile review

  • in-between session personal support

Price: US $1,250 

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To see if we are a fit, book your free consultation now. 

“I feel like a new person when it comes to this relationship. Recognising my needs and also not creating drama. It's thanks to you. You have literally changed my life. Not just on relationships but just general well-being. I can’t thank you enough. "

Fiona / Recruitment Partner / UAE

Program Details
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