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Online Courses

Amazing teachings for whenever, wherever you need them


Want the flexibility to work through your relationship patterns and find your dream partner in your own time? My online courses are perfect for you. Dive deep into a specific area of dating & relationships, or go all in through my signature program, Find Your Dream Partner.


Not sure which course is right for you? Just drop me an email at and I'll be happy to guide you. 

From Mr Wrong to Mr Right

You go on a few amazing dates, the chemistry is on fire. You're sure this one is different. Then, suddenly: they disappear. Sometimes without a word. Or they drift around, giving you just enough but never really committing to anything.

In this course we will cover: 

  • the three relationship styles you must know about

  • how to tell if someone is ready for commitment 

  • how to tell if you are a compatible match


Frustrated and running out of energy in your dating life? Change it now and find out exactly how to avoid Mr Wrong and meet Mr Right.

Dating Strategy: how to find men looking for commitment 

Dating can feel like a minefield. From choosing a dating app, securing dates with guys you actually like and how to handle rejection and ghosting. 

It doesn't have to be! In this course I will be covering: 

  • how to identify a partner ready for commitment 

  • how to meet organically

  • which dating apps to use & what to put on your profile

  • how to approach first dates with confidence 

  • how to protect your energy so dating is no longer exhausting

We'll be starting soon so make sure you're on the waitlist.

Monthly Group Coaching & Meditation

For a limited time only, I'm offering free monthly group coaching calls.


Join and get your specific questions answered, as well as relaxing and integrating important relationship themes through a guided hypnotic meditation.


Meet a community of like-minded singles and build your knowledge on how to make dating easier, funner and more successful

Sessions are generally the last Saturday of the month. Sign up to be notified of the next call.

Break-up Recovery Program

Has a break-up left you feeling lonely, sad and in pain? 


Are you struggling to come to terms with what happened and why?

Release your pain, find your peace and start to build a hopeful future again.

This course is here to guide you through the three stages of navigating a break-up so that you can discover what went wrong and how to change things for good. 

Manifesting your Dream Partner

Enjoy meditation? 

Meditation is really just the beginning. My hypnotic meditation journeys guide you to deeper levels and start integrating your discoveries on a cellular level. 

This meditation will provide you with guidance to your future partner: you may see what they look like, or be struck by a new idea on how to meet them.

If you're ready to call in and really embody your future relationship, this one is for you. 

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