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2 mins on eating healthy in the workplace

It can be really hard to stick to a healthy diet when you're stuck at your desk, tempted by office treats and don't have time to prepare your own meals. Here are two minutes of my tips for eating healthy in the workplace! Please free to add in any of your own in the comments section :)

Why Lawyers need Life Coaches

(and all other corporate professionals too) Find out: > the unknown factors that are stopping you leading the life you want > how to spend less time in the office whilst still doing a great job > how to spend more time doing what you love > how you can live with less stress, more time and in a healthier way > how your background and upbringing has limited your prospects > the most valuable things I have learnt from having coaches

Why are you stuck in a "Rut"?

Have you ever noticed life's peaks and troughs? One minute everything is going plain sailing then suddenly you hit some major turbulence? I used to get super frustrated every time this happened, and wallow in whatever was going wrong. Now, I understand why we need these cycles, how they work and how to move through each stage to the next stage, and ultimately get to where you want to be! In Equus coaching, we refer to these stages at the Seasons of Change...

So you think you want to quit your job?

A lot clients approach me stating they want to quit their job. It's a thing I know a thing or two about. But what's really going on when you're having this thought process? Is it really what you want? Why? What do you think you will get from it? I see people flit from job to job seeking happiness, but I often find there is a lot more to uncover with my clients... work

How to form unbreakable habits

Why do habits rule our lives? I never realised, but habits dictate our lives. Think about it, how often are you doing things without having to consciously think about it? You just know how to brush your teeth, wash your face and put toast in the toaster. Then apply this out further. Just as you learnt how to make toast, at some point you somehow learnt to eat when you feel unhappy, react angrily to certain actions or others or to shut down in a stressful situation. All of our actions and behaviours stem from habits we have developed over the years. When I feel stressed, my instinct is still to reach for food, even though I now know this is far from the best option for me. So I LOVE the work



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