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Why you don't need a fairy godmother, or any other type of magic wand to change your life

I used to be under the misconception that if I wanted to change my life to be healthy and happier I had to completely reform it. If I wanted to lose weight I could never have a slice of cake and had to go to the gym religiously. If I wanted to be happier at work I had to find a new job. I’ve since realised a) I was not the only one and b) I was wrong! This is quite simply not true. If anyone is telling you this, they’re lying (or most likely trying to sell you something). From my own experience, the easiest, quickest and most effective way to make yourself happier and healthier is to make some small changes. Small changes stick. Now my one exception to this is mindset - if you’re a completel

Change your life by changing one thing (yes, really)

Now bear with me of this one, it’s a bit deep. And you might not like it start with. What do I actually mean? Life is the story that you give it. Each and every person and each every thing that comes into your life is the story that you give it. That’s why different people have different opinions about people, and about things. For me, Dubai represents freedom, a carefree lifestyle, outdoor opportunities and interesting people. For someone else, it is an over the top, gold coated Vegas with camels. Neither of us is right or wrong. Our past experiences and current perceptions have simply created our story of what Dubai “is”. What do I mean by “story”? Every experience you have is shaped by th

How to juggle your life like a pro

Note: I am clearly not a pro in this picture. Do you ever feel like you’re trying to fit too much into a day? And somehow end up not completing any of the things you wanted to? It seems to be a common problem for us now. We are often trying to do so much, in so many different areas, that it becomes completely overwhelming. Then we get struck in this state of complete overwhelm and end up doing nothing at all. It’s the classic “if I can’t have it all, I won’t bother about any of it”. Sound familiar? Identify your juggling balls We’re often so busy trying to “juggle” we lose sight of what we are actually juggling. We convince ourselves we need to be out there doing, so there is no time for thi



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