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When was the last time you did a mental check in?

The wellness industry is a 3.4 TRILLION dollar industry. We spend a small fortune on gyms, personal trainers, diets, nutritionists, massages. But when have you invested in your mind? And what ultimately controls the decisions you make on all the other aspects of your life? Your mind. So investment in your mind can lead to significant developments elsewhere. The best thing is, all the investment need be is some of your time. Why do we need to mentally check in? Our lives are getting increasingly full. We have access to more information, more activities, more opportunities and therefore more choices. It’s easy to caught up in a cycle of doing and then dealing with the repercussions. By mentall

Why tossing a coin can help you make any decision

If you’re anything like me, having an unmade decision preying on your mind is incredibly stressful. We’ve all been there - from choosing lunch to choosing careers. Big or little, it makes the mind anxious. We then add extra stress by stressing about how to make the decision! So, how to remove this stress and go about making the decision? IDENTIFY YOUR ACTUAL DECISION Very often, we see decisions as black and white. We consider there only to be a limited number of options. And that each option is limited to a certain set of circumstances. In reality, this is unlikely to be the case. Think outside your immediate options. Identify all your options including not making a decision at all. You may

Why there will never be the right time

Tomorrow is always the easiest day to start something. You can always start your diet next week. You can always make that big decision next month. Your partner will be in a better mood tonight, so better to have the difficult conversation then. Sound familiar? ​​ ​ Why timing is the best excuse Because tomorrow is never today. Timing justifies not doing something. You’re not not doing something, you’re just delaying it. It’s the ultimate justification. And further, you, and others, accept it as an excuse. “I can’t break up my boyfriend now, we’re going to the Maldives next month” is likely to be answered with “Oh of course, probably best to wait until you’re back”. But in reality, as long as



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