Are you smart, single and looking for long-lasting romance?


Then you're in the right place. Let me share my secrets to finding your dream partner... 

Dating and relationships as a successful, single woman can be hard. 

You've probably got your career pretty sorted. You did the education piece and either climbed the corporate ladder or built up your own business. You've got a decent social life with some wonderful friends. You're already ticking a lot of boxes. So why can't you find Mr Right? 


After a while, questions like these start running through your mind...


What am I doing wrong?

Where are all the good men?

Am I running out of time?

Fear not, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you.


Trust me, your dream partner is out there and he's looking for YOU. Would you like to know my secret for helping him find you?

Hi, I’m Kat and I spent years battling with the world of modern day dating. From millionaires to students, from New York to Australia, I kept hunting but not finding.  


I watched as my single friends around me settled down, apparently seamlessly. I booked the solo hotel rooms and walked in alone to weddings. I kept myself busy doing every social event under the sun, worked on my body, pulled late nights in my career.


I fell hopelessly in love with guy after guy who turned around and told me they weren’t ready for a relationship. I waited for my guy to come along, just like my friends told me I should. 


I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to a new city, where everyone told me it was impossible to meet a great guy. But then I discovered one little shift that led me to meet my dream partner in less than 8 days. 


If you’d like to know how to make that shift in yourself, sign up for a free consultation call with me, and I’ll show you how, with no obligations.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

Nat King Cole

My special technique that will transform your dating life


I’ll let you into part of my secret - I did have some help along the way. Not the help of my friends or family, or even a dating coach. One of the most magical learning experiences I had was through the wisdom of the beautiful horse. 


It’s this magic I now use to help women just like you attract the right type of man. One who supports you to be the best version of yourself and is ready to commit to you for the long term. 


Whoa! I hear you say… how can horses possibly show me what’s happening in my dating life?” (pun fully intended). Just let them show you is my response.


These creatures will show you in a matter of minutes what it takes most people years to discover. They’ll point out your unhealthy dating patterns and gently guide you into the place you need to be. A place where you can attract in your dream partner without more heartache, stress and effort. 


Working with the horses in person is an optional part of my programs, though highly recommended!

Join me for a consultation call where you'll discover the secrets to finding your dream partner.


You’ll come away feeling more confident about meeting your dream partner and with an understanding of how I can help you attract him in.  

People can’t help but be a bit shocked to discover my past…


It’s not often a corporate lawyer from the city becomes a dating coach who offers powerful transformation with horses!


After a particularly heart-breaking experience, and a period of time in an Intensive Care unit, I realised things had to change. 


That's when I opened myself up to a whole new world - one of personal transformation, Equus coaching, meditation, hypnotherapy, holistic health and spiritual guidance. I met and learnt from amazing teachers from all over the world. 


As a qualified Equus coach, Catalyst life coach and hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to uncover their secret "switch". I’m based between London & Surrey in the UK, and Dubai in the UAE. I help women all over the world, and offer private and group retreats with and without horses. 

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to meet your dream partner?

“Kat’s emotional intuition not only makes the entire process feel safe but also transformative. She helped me to break down what I was feeling about past relationships and why. We worked together to move forward from my old relationships using various exercises which helped me feel more relaxed and open about dating in the future. I would recommend Kat 100 times over!"


Want a nugget to get you started?

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