SOS: Six weeks of Self

Are you feeling stuck or discontent in one or more of the following areas of your life:

  • Career

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Relationships

  • Future plans


Are you struggling to work out what you want in these areas? Or maybe you have already got an idea, but can't seem to get round to doing it? 


Would you like to discover what really motivates you, what your passions are and how can you pursue these? 


Would you like to feel healthier, more energetic and wake up with clear skin, luscious hair and a body you’re proud of? 


Do you feel stuck in a corporate role, not knowing what your alternatives are? 


Would you like to be in a relationship that makes you both feel amazing, every single day? 

If you’re answered yes to anyone of the above, this programme is for you

Katherine gets you thinking; she keeps you inspired, and most importantly, she’ll leave with you with the drive to make your goals happen, no matter what’s holding you back.

Jessica, Dubai

I will guide you through an amazing journey where you will discover: 


  • your true motivations and dreams

  • whether your current career path is right for you, and how you can change it for the better 

  • what you are really looking for in your relationships, whether current or future

  • how you can implement and stick to the healthy habits you have always wanted to 

  • the impact that stress is currently having on you and how to reduce this stress

  • any limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams 

  • how to feel at peace with your past decisions and learn from them without regret


You may feel like you already know some of the answers to the above. Then, I ask you, are you actually practising this knowledge right now? You might know what you want your body to look like, but does it actually look like that? You might know what you want in a relationship, but does your current relationship status reflect that? 


Even if you think you have the answers, if you’re not already living these, there is something holding you back. And by uncovering this, you can start actually living those answers and leading the life you want to lead.


You can unlock an infinite number of doors in all aspects of your life to become your happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled self

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About Me 

Just over one year ago, I was stuck in a stressful cycle of working a corporate job with hours I had barely any control over, getting over a devastating heartbreak, dealing with a multitude of health issues and stressing over the direction my life was going. 


Now, I have broken out of my old habits. I began to heal, first my body and then my mind. I have discovered a whole new purpose of life which I actually love. I have seen amazing benefits in my energy levels, sleeping patterns, skin, hair and weight stability. I can keep my stress levels at a manageable level. I am able to feel at peace with the decisions I have made in life. I know exactly what I want from my future partner and what I won’t settle for. I have more time for my hobbies. My relationships with nearly everyone around me, including those I needed to “detox” from have improved. 

For many, we are not used to investing in our self in this way. We spend a fortune on beauty products that sit on our shelves, gym memberships that we barely use, expensive retreats which make us feel amazing for about three days after we return to normality. 


But this one investment could help you in all areas of your life.


What if you tapped into the creating the knowledge, mindset and habits to shape your life to how you want it to look?


What if you began to discover what your dream life actually looks and realise that it is possible to live it?


That it is possible to have it all?


That your life can make you feel amazing every day, rather than relying on a holiday once or twice a year to make you feel that good? 


I cannot make you do anything. I cannot change your life. But you can. And I can show you how.

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I’m no superwomen, and I’m far from perfect. But I know what it is like to feel caught up in a vicious cycle of stress, unhealthy habits and relationships (including non-romantic) that don’t work for you. I now know what it feels like to take back my power and shape my life to fit around me, rather than the other way round. 


I have shaped my career into one that leaves me happy, fulfilled and motivated, every day. I have moved into a beautiful, relaxed and calm apartment where I do my ten minutes of morning of yoga at sunrise. I am discovering the foods and fitness habits that work for body and my lifestyle, so I can actually maintain these. I have taken my relationships with my friends and family to a whole new level whilst at the same time stopping self-sacrificing to constantly please others. I am more happy, calm and confident in my abilities and my plans (or non-plans) for the future. 


You can have all these things too. It is possible. Just ask me and I’ll tell you in person. So rather than wasting your hard-earned resources, both time and money, in methods that don’t work for you, invest in a programme that will show you the keys to unlock the doors you actually want to open in your life. 


And it only costs the price of a few dinners out. And trust me, it’s an investment you’ll get much more out of. 

What will you get?


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Make 2018 the year you lead the life you always wanted

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