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The One Thing Your Love Life Needs

Sending you some positivity on the "bluest" week of the year. You, like many others may have found the last few weeks pretty tough without a partner by your side. Especially in 2020. Then the new year hits - January can be a pretty depressing month and Valentines is just around the corner…

So what can you do to change the results in your love life, fast?

One word: INVEST.

If you don’t invest in making changes in your love life, you simply won’t see different results. If you think that one day someone will just come along and change everything, you’ll be left pretty disappointed.

Even if someone does just come along, and you make it into a committed relationship, eventually the same unhealthy relationship patterns will rear their heads. Unless you deal with them first.

If you want a healthy, committed relationship, where you feel secure, supported and unconditionally loved…

It is completely possible.

But it’s going to require you investing in some change.

A lot of people don’t make those changes, and end up desperately unhappy either in or out of a relationship. You deserve so much more than that!

And you are already committed to making changes just by reading this email.

So what do you need to do?

Time: well Covid is generally giving us all much more of that!

Energy: to fuel that time and to do the emotional work, but the beauty of energy is that you’ll always get back what you put in.

Money: if you want it to happen quicker, it’s going to take money.

Why invest?

You may feel like you can’t afford to invest in your love life, but I would argue you can’t afford not to!

A happy relationship is likely to make you far happier than fancy meals and boozy nights out, a gym membership or a one-off holiday. If you switch your time, energy and money investments from those into your love life for just a couple of months, you can create a completely different outlook for your whole life.

In 2016, I invested US$10,000 in a life coach. And I can absolutely say I wouldn’t be in the relationship I am in without that. I was coached through the most pivotal moment in our relationship - where we went from dating to committed.

We had moved into together within months, and I have easily saved that money back simply from being in a relationship! Beyond that, the life I now share with partner and baby gives me energy and life each and every day.

Once you invest, you commit. You don’t pay for a massage, block out your diary and drive there to not go in. Once you’ve invested in your love life, you’ll commit to making the changes. And that commitment will pay off.

So if you’re on the fence about whether to invest in your love life, have a long hard thing about how long you’re prepared to wait for things to change. Because once you invest, you'll start seeing changes far quicker and far deeper.

What do I invest in?

Paid apps and services - the other people on these will have also paid and will be taking their commitment to relationships more seriously as a result

Matchmaking - if you want high quality matches, fast, matchmaking can be a great (albeit expensive) option.

Coaching - dating coaches like myself can help you make changes in your love life, fast.

Wherever you are, just start investing - a few minutes, a few joules, a few pounds. Small steps lead to quantum leaps.

Sending you the biggest hugs on the bluest week!




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