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Why you're attracting the wrong men

Do you find you keep attracting men that aren’t interested in serious commitment? Or that don’t treat you well?Or not after the same things in life? 

One of the most common questions my clients ask is why they keep attracting the “wrong” type of men. 

Two key things here:

  • you are probably attracting the right kind of men too, without realising 

  • you attract those in alignment with yourself 

Recognising the right men 

Put simply, these tend to be the nice guys. Guys who message, plan meeting up and turn up on time. Often men you friend zone because there’s “no chemistry”.

Recently one of my clients has been telling me about her new “nice guy”. Friends for years and slowly this year it’s developing into something beautiful for them. 

Only by recognising what she truly wants in a relationship was she able to recognise he would give it her, and not some other “crazy chemistry” men who came along.

So start opening your eyes to the guys that come along that make you feel good. That you have great conversations with. That you trust. 

The right guys are there too once you open your eyes to them.

Creating a new alignment 

If you don’t like who you attracting, it’s time to take a look at what you’re putting out, energy wise.

Do you keep telling yourself you won’t find any decent guys on the apps?

Are you secretly scared of opening your heart to love again? 

Are you unclear on what you want in the future? 

Often we attract people who are mirrors of part of ourselves. So use each opportunity to reflect inwards.

What part of you is out of alignment with the relationship you want? 

If you want a loving, caring relationship are you treating yourself with love and care? 

If you want commitment, are you truly ready for that and prepared to say no to someone who’s not, however good the chemistry? 

There are so many things going on inside of us that have a direct impact on what we attract in life. 

It’s so so important to watch your mindset and the energy you’re giving out.


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