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What to say when people ask you about your love life

Have you ever opened an invite for a wedding and felt a sense of dread? That once again, you’ll be attending solo? As happy as you are for your friends, it’s hard to take in yet another celebration of someone else’s successful relationship, without one of your own. 

I know, I’ve been there. And it kinda sucks.


But, even if it feels like it, you are not the only one. 

And you also won’t be the single one forever. 

Not unless you decide to give up and make that reality become true! 

The great thing about being single

Do you want to know the best thing about being single? You’re just one step away from an amazing relationship. 

You’ve not got to extract yourself from an existing relationship, admit it’s not working, cope with an emotional break-up and sell a house. 

Once you meet someone - boom, you’re good to go. 

(Thanks to Mr. Kat for this gem). 

What you focus on grows

Whilst it’s hard to not focus on your relationship status, particularly at certain events, be careful how you frame it. 

Start considering yourself ‘in between relationships’ (however long the gap!) or ‘on the cusp of meeting someone amazing’ and the whole energy behind your relationship status shifts. 

Once I really became convinced that I was going to meet someone great, and it was only a matter of time, I found myself caring a lot less about the fact I was single. 

I started embracing all the things I could do whilst still single (because trust me, there are things that will fall by the wayside!) and enjoying life. Without the worry and anxiety around meeting someone.

Once you start to focus on the fact you are about to meet someone great, your whole energy changes. You will feel better. And you will come across differently to others, both on dates and in general.


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