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How to tell if he really likes you

Guys are generally more straightforward than many of us believe. Whilst every guy is an individual, there are ways that you can spot whether he really likes you:

  1. He’s consistent - he keeps in touch, even when he’s busy. You trust he will respond to messages. 

  2. He’s interested in your life - he asks questions, he listens to your responses, he remembers what you say. 

  3. He’s thoughtful - he remembers a restaurant you said you liked, sends you links to things you might be interested in, checks you’re OK after that meeting you were worried about.

  4. He tells you he likes you - enough said - if it’s sincere, trust him. 

  5. He’s happy to see/speak in the day - not all dates are evening or bedroom based, he wants to just be in your presence. 

And if any of those components are missing, it’s time to at least question what is going on. Yes, some guys are just not that great at remembering specific details, but can still really like you. But if you’re getting the sense that he’s simply not bothered and you are not a priority, take a step back. 

Always make sure you focus on whether your needs are being met in the way you deserve them to be.  

The key to a relationship is not getting a guy you fancy to like you back. It’s finding someone compatible who will give you what you want and need in a relationship. 

And however funny, smart or good-looking he is, if you’re not getting this, it’s time to move on. 

Once you start knowing the right types of guy, you will be in for a completely different dating experience. You’ll be able to move on from the wrong guys quickly, and know when to give a guy a chance. You’ll enjoy dates again, your confidence will grow and you will find your dream partner. Trust me - he’s out there!


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