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Two tricks to instantly finding more compatible men

Do you find yourself struggling to find any “decent options” in the dating world? Are the guys you do fancy few and far between?

Here are two tricks to finding more men that you actually fancy. AND they’lll start working almost instantly.

1. Change your scarcity mindset

Your beliefs create the framework for your life.

Your subconscious exists within the box you give it. If it’s getting daily messages that there are no great men out there, it has limited walls to operate within. It won’t even recognise a great man if he came and hit you round the head with a bunch of roses.

You will only find what you believe you can find.

So you need to open up that box, by feeding your subconscious different messages. Stop waiting for the right guy to turn up and prove you wrong - and start proving yourself wrong first.

Think about all the amazing couples you know who met in your hometown. Think about people who have formed amazing relationships and met great people despite not being 22. They are all around you.

The reason it’s not happening for you right now is your mindset. If you are living trapped in a scarcity mindset, all your mind is doing is finding further evidence of that scarcity.

When I made this tweak, Mr Kat turned up within 8 days.

And if you do the same - there’s absolutely no reason why that won’t happen for you either!

2. Open up your eyes to different types of men

If you date who you’ve always dated, you’re going to get the results you’ve always got. If your usual methods aren’t working, you must change them to get different results.

One of the most interesting guys I’ve ever dated would probably never have even got a swipe right if it hadn’t been for my married friend. She took over my dating app and got me to focus on things I wouldn’t normally have - like education, smile, and the fifth picture on his profile rather than the first!

By going outside of the narrow box I didn’t even realise I was creating for myself, I found someone I actually fancied. Who asked me on three dates in the first week.

And I was hardly compromising - he was good-looking and Harvard educated!

So, match with, chat to, or accept invitations from at least five guys who you wouldn’t normally think about dating. See what happens. Pick interesting people, and even if it doesn’t go anywhere, you’ll have experienced something new and different.

Start putting these practices into place today and notice the changes happen in your dating life.

And if you’re completely frustrated, and would love to understand why you keep meeting the wrong guys, my new From Mr Wrong to Mr Right program is going to be perfect for you - and it launches next week! Make sure you're on my mailing list to be the first to know.


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