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5 ways to start meditating

Meditation is often perceived as a monk-like practice requiring at least three hours dedication. Where you must empty your mind completely or you’ve failed.

Much like the gym, this thankless view of meditation can be rather off-putting. So today, I want to kill a few myths and give you a few practical steps to get started and keep going. By the end, you’ll be easily and effortlessly enjoying the amazing benefits of meditation.

For a beautiful in-depth guide on how to practice meditation, check out my meditation program, which includes just that (more details below).

  1. Just take a few minutes

Firstly, start small. Just a few minutes of meditation can really start to make a difference to your mood, energy levels and anxiety. Headspace claim that ten minutes really makes a difference, but you can start with just two or three minutes and build up.

Pick a time of day that works well for you - do you like to start slow in the morning? Need a refresher break during the afternoon? Or would you like to use it as a wind-down in the evening?

2. Use the wealth of online resources available

There are so many great meditations online! It is much easier to listen to a guided meditation than try and go it alone. I love YouTube as you can search for a meditation suited to a specific issue for you. For example “Energising Meditation” when you need a boost or “Meditation to cure headache”. Whatever is going on for you, trust me - there is a track for you! Also look out for tracks with Binaural Beats - these frequencies are tuned to certain states of your body and create really powerful shifts

If you’re suffering from stress and/or anxiety, my bespoke program uses specific hypnotic techniques targeting their reduction. You can find out a bit more about it here.

3. Try a group meditation class

This was the way I got into meditations. Group meditations involve you in a new community and are also a great alternative social activity to do with friends. If you’re in Dubai, you HAVE to check out Zarine’s gong meditations. My Monday Meditations will be starting again in September.

In London or elsewhere, look to your local yoga studios or ask friends for recommendations. Watch this space for some meditation sessions in Battersea over the summer!

4. Practice mindfulness during your day

You can bring the benefits of meditation into your daily life by practicing mindfulness. When engaging in any activity, put away your phone, forget about your worries and your To-Do List and completely absorb yourself in the moment.

Be aware of everything hitting your five senses, smile and enjoy. This is active meditation and is hugely beneficial (and doesn’t require any more time from you!).

5. Breathe

Breathing is the quickest way to change your state. Many meditations are based on breathing. Breathing techniques can be done anywhere, are easy and cost nothing.

Simply observe your breathing and allow it to gently lengthen. Breathe out for longer than you breathe in to release tension. Take 30 seconds to breathe whenever you feel stressed - it will help you focus more and deal with whatever is stressing you out more effectively.

Get started today with my downloadable meditation program

If you’re craving a life where your shoulders can relax, your smile can increase and you feel better able to cope with the overwhelm that life brings, I’ve got just the thing for you. Inspired by the feedback from my Meditation Monday attendees, and the frequent requests I get for hypnotherapy to treat stress and anxiety, I’ve developed a specific meditation program which will be perfect for you.

You’ll be guided to complete relaxation and will gently change your subconscious and conscious reactions to stress triggers. Allowing you to stay calmer, get more done and enjoy your life without a thousand thoughts running through your head.

Don’t waste another day feeling stressed! Get started today and be sure to let me know how you get on - I love hearing success stories just like these…

Thank you for the wonderful talk and meditation... It was an immensely effective and a blissful session...I slept very well” Maha, Dubai

"You are AMAZING. I could listen to your meditations every single day" Zahra, Dubai

The meditation was super helpful and you gave me extra motivation in a field of life changes. Thank you.” Patrycya, Dubai


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