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My 5 Top Daily Habits

I used to read all about other people's morning routines and night-time rituals. Sometimes I would try and follow them and it would never end up lasting more than a few weeks, tops. That's when I realised the key secret - creating habits that work for you! To make a habit stick, you must: 1. See the value 2. Gain a benefit & 3. Be capable of fulfilling it. With these three things in mind, I now easily incorporate the below into my daily routine. Whilst these may not be your top five habits, hopefully these will give you some inspiration to get started. 5. Movement Before I eat breakfast each morning I do at least ten minutes of physical movement. My favourite thing is to whack on some 90s tunes and dance around our spare room. If I'm feeling a little more chilled, I'll do some yoga stretching (because yoga doesn't always need to be headstands!!). 4. Physical interaction Physical contact and being around others is SO important. I make sure every day I get as many hugs as possible from my partner, friends and business associates (yes, business doesn't have to be so formal!). This keeps my oxytocin nice and high which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I try and catch up with my friends in person as much as I can as well, even if just for a cup of tea. 3. Affirmations Practicing daily affirmations have changed my approach to: my health, my body, my self-confidence and my financial mindset. In just a few short weeks, you can completely transform your attitude towards anything. Coupled with self-hypnosis, I've had powerful changes through minimal effort. It's something I always recommend to my personal coaching clients.

2. Mindful acceptance

This is kind of a cross between mindfulness and surrender, both key things to incorporate into your life. I try and live each day accepting exactly where I am and really "leaning in" to whatever that day has brought, even if it's not the best day ever. Surrendering to emotions (good or bad) and accepting that each day I am safe, happy, and have food and a roof over my head really helps keeps things in perspective and stops me worrying about the future.

1. Meditation

Probably even your Great Uncle Bill has tried meditation by now. It's something all the most successful people (from Oprah to Michael Jordan) swear by. Keeping up a daily meditation practice this year (2019) has transformed my (already pretty transformed) mindset. I normally go for between 15-25 minutes and mid-afternoon is my favourite time to meditate.

I've gained a fresh perspective on my business, health, relationships and so much more! It can seem tricky to get started, but there are so many options - from apps, to group meditation sessions, to YouTube videos. Even a few minutes a day can transform your life. So if you take anything from this article, make sure it's this one!

What are your favourite daily habits? What habits would you like to adopt? Drop me a comment below and let me know...


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