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Anti-Resolution Conspiracy Theory

Happy New Year!

Make 2018 be the year that YOU make things HAPPEN. No more semi-believing and getting stuck in old patterns of behaviour.

Work out what is going wrong and what is going right for you in your life and use that to make 2018 the year that ACTUALLY works for YOU.

Tip: this does not involve setting any new year resolutions.

I spent yesterday in the park plotting and planning my 2018 and it was amazing! I’ve set out some of the manifestation exercises I did for my 2018 as well as some examples from my answers for some inspiration.

Pick n Mix them like candy and choose the ones that grab you. Give yourself some time, go through them with a friend or partner, have a delicious cup of coffee and really let yourself go… may 2018 be the year you dream big and TRANSFORM.

Another tip: write it down. It works better. Science says so.

  1. Challenging the Status Quo.

This is a sneak peek into my signature material… Draw a table of your current status quo. What are the things that just “are” in your life at the moment? What would you like, in a completely ideal world, these things to BE instead?

For the sake of example, I’ve shown below what some of my old status quo and current status quo are. I’ve already changed these things, so it’s perfectly possible…


Drinking a LOT of alcohol, even when Rarely drinking - only when I really fancy a

I had already got to a point I didn’t glass and really treasuring it for what it is

need anymore! (normally fizz)

Exercising to punish/shape my body. Finding exercise that I love - one killer

Forcing myself to go to the gym and Define workout a week, horse riding multiple

work out with a personal trainer or at time a week, ten minutes of yoga every day,

a class I didn't enjoy. All of which I more active generally

Did. Not. Love.

1. Genie in a bottle

We’ve all seen Aladdin. The genie pops out the bottle in a blaze of purple glory. Rather than just three, you’ve got as many wishes as you want. Make them for you, not others. What are they? Keep going until you can go no more…

2. The dustbin that never returns

Unlike your kitchen bin which keeps refilling, you have a dustbin where you can throw three things that didn’t help you in 2017. These can be old thought patterns, habits, people, whatever comes to your head. What would you throw in the dustbin knowing you’d never see again?

3. The people that make you

You’ve probably heard the old age saying, you are the five people that you spend the most time with. Who were those people in 2017? Did they help you, inspire you, motivate you to be your best self? Who are you taking forward to 2018? Who do you want to add?

4. The celebration

2017 was a bit of a rollercoaster year for many (I took a front row for a part of it and it wasn’t pretty!). However, there were definitely things to celebrate. What are three things you want to celebrate about 2017? How can you continue these into 2018?

5. The mission

Scrap silly resolutions like “I WILL go the gym three times a week”. We all know we’ll break them by the end of January and sob into a glass of vino instead. Think about your overall mission in 2018 - what do you want to BROADLY achieve. What is your purpose??

A taste into my mission (I can’t give it all away after all!):

To follow my instincts, help others as much as possible and look after myself.

6. Facing the fear

What was your biggest fear in 2017? Fear of being alone, not being good enough, failure, disappointing others? Whatever it is, acknowledge it. Accepting that you will still feel it, how are you going to face it head on and dive straight through it anyway?

7. The action plan

Thinking back to your mission, what do you need to focus on in 2018 to get to where you want to be? Don’t set specific tasks or boundaries, just generic areas of focus.

For me:

  • Growing my business

  • Riding more regularly and competing

  • Practising yoga and more advanced moves

  • Relationship

And there you have it, a map of things that will show you how to navigate your 2018.

Unsure where to go next with it? Change isn’t easy, I know, I’ve been there. But my goodness, it’s great once you’ve done it.

I’d love to help you figure out where to take your life in 2018, so much that I’m offering a free initial consultation for YOU. Book it NOW, and never look back.

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