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Discover stress free living

hypnotic meditation 

What is stress costing you?

Your health? Your relationships? Your sleep? Your happiness?

Stress goes far beyond the mental anxiety we tend to associate with it. When you are in a state of stress, it affects every area of your life, including your physical, mental and emotional health. This has a direct impact on how you perform at work, how you show up in your relationships and how much you are able to enjoy life. 

How would you like to feel instead?

  • Back in control of your life and your happiness? 

  • Energised and enthusiastic for life again? 

  • Free of tension and pain in your physical body?

  • Fantastic and in love with life?

What is hypnotic meditation?

Hypnotic meditation is a deeply relaxing meditation in which you’ll be guided to reach the brain frequency associated with meditation and higher sensory perception.

In this concentrated, focused state, your brain is able to let go of day to day thoughts and be open to a new way of thinking. 

Without any loss of control, you will enjoy deep relaxation throughout mind and body, whilst opening your mind to change your current thought processes. 

How will it help you? 

Hypnotic meditation will help you: 

  • understand what stress is and how it is personally affecting you

  • quieten your mind and let go of the chatter draining your energy

  • release stored tension and anxiety held in your physical body

  • learn a new approach to stress and anxiety

  • adopt techniques to instantly release stress when it arises

What's included?

This exclusive program includes: 

  • Two thirty minute Hypnotic Meditations

  • Understanding and Reducing Stress Guide 

  • Meditation Guidebook

  • Access to one-on-one support

"Sleeping well and had a great weekend with the kids, felt completely involved and not distracted by worries, which is GREAT!!" Lucy, HR Manager, Dubai


"All my stress just melted away! Amazing" Jon, Lawyer, Dubai


"You are AMAZING. I could listen to your meditations every single day"

Zahra, Corporate Lawyer, Dubai

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