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Dating & Relationships
Equus Coaching

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Kat Winny

Hi I’m Kat, and I’m here to help you transform your love life. If you’re tired of being ghosted, matching with unavailable men or simply being alone on your sofa at the end of the week, I’m here to help. 


I’ve worked with hundreds of smart, single women (and men too) to show them exactly what’s going wrong in their love live and how to change things for drastically different results.


My unique blend of coaching, hypnotherapy and intuitive reading of people means we can get right to the root of what’s blocking the relationship you want.


We then work together to create a dating strategy which will get you meeting men you actually fancy without getting exhausted, disheartened or feeling worse than when you started! 

You may also have landed here interested in some of my other offerings like hypnotherapy, Equus Coaching and/or blended healing. you can find out more about these by scrolling down this page. 

Kat Winny Dating Coach Dubai London


You are so amazing, I came to you for relationship advice/support and never thought in a million years you would have this level of impact on my life. You have literally saved me, changed me for the better and I will be forever grateful for the the work you have done for me. For the first time in a long time I'm starting to feel some level of peace and it's wonderful

Lara, Recruitment Partner

I've met such a nice guy!!!

Nadia, Finance Manager

Dating & Relationships

My dating and relationship programs centre around three main principles: 

Clarityget clear on your current patterns and what's gone wrong in the past 

Heal: heal past traumas from relationships, 

whether romantic or otherwise, alongside any other limiting beliefs

Strategy: find out exactly what you need to be doing, where to meet your dream partner 



Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to uncover the hidden 'programming' leading to a particular issue. 

My practice focuses around childhood regression, which takes you back to the root cause or trigger of the 'issue' you want to heal. 

We then work together to create new subconscious patterns that allow you to lead your life the way you want to.

Equus Coaching

Your experience with the horses is a metaphor for how you conduct life. This practice works on the basis 'the way you do anything is the way you do everything'.

For example, how you build a relationship with the horse mirrors how you build relationships in 'real life'. 

The way you set and handle expectations mirrors the 'real life' way you do. 

How you handle when things don't go to plan mirrors how you would handle this. 

...and so forth! 

This extraordinary work is incredibly healing in itself as well as informative. 



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