Find Your Dream Partner

An immersive experience to find the partner of your dreams.

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Are you: 

  • ready for a committed relationship?

  • facing the same dating problems and behaviours over and over?

  • wanting to understand which of your patterns and behaviours are holding you back from finding a relationship?

  • ready to remain cool, calm and confident when dating, even with someone you really like?

Sometimes, we've read all the books, followed all the Instagram accounts and know what we should be doing. But it's still really hard to actually put all the advice into place. 

Some of it makes sense, it just doesn't seem to work for you. Sometimes you've realised what you've been doing "wrong" but you still find yourself falling back into the same patterns. 

In this intimate group experience, you'll have the opportunity to shift things at a deeper level, so you can start making the changes you need, for good.

By the end of the experience you will:

  • understand the exact dating patterns stopping you from finding the relationship of your dreams

  • have made deep shifts to overcome thoughts like "there are no decent men left" and "I'm not good enough for him", so dating becomes so much easier

  • get clear on the relationship you want, so you can identify the 'right' type of guy

  • be fully capable of staying cool, calm and confident when dating

  • appreciate your true value and be giving out the vibes to attract a man who is truly worthy of everything you have to offer - so men will be coming to you rather than you chasing! 


Hannah, Lawyer

I now feel more relaxed, happy in myself and ready to deal with all the things I'd previously been so worried about. I met someone amazing and we're now expecting our first child. Kat was just great!"

Veronika, Marketing Director

Thanks for always making feel better! I'm excited for the future whilst also knowing I'm OK on my own.  I feel so much calmer, and more myself again. I look around at other couples and am looking forward to sharing experiences with my future partner. 

Nicola, Lawyer

Kat helped me to break down what I was feeling about past relationships and why. We worked together to move forward from my old relationships using various exercises which helped me feel more relaxed and open about dating in the future. I would recommend Kat 100 times over!

Find Your Dream Partner 

Here's what you can expect from the program:

Reprogramming your subconscious mind

  • uncovering and switching limiting self-beliefs

  • deep hypnotic meditations to rewire neural pathways

  • DIY learning exercises to ensure lasting change

Deep Inner Work

  • uncovering and healing any residual hurt or pain from past relationships

  • understanding and resolving the root cause of negative thinking, anxiety and lack of self-confidence

  • revealing your unmet needs and what your heart really longs for

Clarity & Intention Setting

  • identifying your true relationship needs, values and desires

  • identify the relationship type for you and how to spot your dream partner

Attraction and Magnetism

  • building confidence, trust and magnetism 

  • the secret laws of attraction - exploring the approaches men love

  • understanding the difference between chemistry and true connection

  • know exactly what to do when you meet someone amazing 

Individual Advice

  • opportunities to get answers to your individual questions

  • optional individual coaching within sessions

  • advice on specific scenarios you have encountered/are in



Week by Week Program

Week One - Relationship History Analysis 

  • How your past is shaping your present

  • Identify your relationship patterns from the past 

  • Clarify your relationship intentions

Week Two - Reframing Relationship Patterns

  • Dig deep to find out the reasons behind your relationship patterns

  • Identify the new patterns you need to adopt

  • Practical plan for reframing your old patterns into new patterns


Week Three - Closure

  • Acknowledge the sadness/guilt/anger/regret from past relationships

  • Cut the cords with ex-partners

  • Close toxic relationships from the past

Week Four - Your Ideal Relationship Map

  • Understand your relationship needs

  • Map out your ideal relationship 

  • Discover the traits of your dream partner 

Week Five - Becoming You

  • Understand which traits to strengthen to attract your dream partner

  • Build confidence, trust and magnetism 

  • Work through any limiting beliefs preventing you finding Mr Right

Week Six - Attracting your Dream Partner

  • The secret laws to attracting your dream partner

  • Creating your own dating strategy

  • What to do when you've met Mr Right

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