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KW Corporate Wellness:  A One-stop Solution

Dubai is full of wellness organisations. From the latest gadgets monitoring body composition to yoga and mindfulness. 

We bring these together under one umbrella. One point of contact. All the options you need, and nothing more. 

Corporate Wellness: No Longer a Luxury

Corporate wellness used to be considered a luxury - a nice offering for employees in companies who could afford it. 

Now it is a necessity. You cannot afford not to. 

Employees are becoming increasingly conscious of their stress levels, health and general wellbeing. The impact of a poor work environment is being felt, and acted on.


Dissatisfied employees take on average 15 more days sick leave per year. 33% of employees leave jobs purely due to stress. It costs between 35-70% of an employee's salary to replace them.


The right employee wellness programs produce up to 6.5x return on investment. 

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KW Corporate Wellness: A One Stop Solution

Researching corporate wellness needs and designing solutions takes time and resources. We do the hard work, so you don't have to.  

Our wellness offering encompasses a complete range of wellness experts, all of whom can be brought in to service your company's needs. Our experts cover: 

  • mental health and mindset

  • health screening and monitoring

  • leadership and teamwork

  • fitness

  • nutrition

  • sleep

  • stress management 

  • financial planning 

  • physiotherapy 

  • yoga and mindfulness

  • relationships within the workplace 

  • workplace and personal "decluttering" 

We discuss your requirements. We offer you solutions. We put these into effect. 




Our solutions include:


  • Comprehensive wellness programs 

  • Corporate retreats

  • Wellness Days in the workplace 

  • Interactive group workshops

  • Discounted one-on-one sessions 

  • Group fitness classes 

  • Comprehensive health screening solutions 

  • Engaging employee challenges

  • Video content accessible at any time 

  • Newsletters

Nobody else in the Middle East brings you such a comprehensive range of solutions through just one partnership. 

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