Would you like to add a stress free hour to your day each and every day?

What would it feel like if you had extra time in your day for you every single day, where you didn’t feel under pressure, or guilty for not doing other things?

What would your life look like if you slept better, were more productive, were able to switch off from work and family pressures, and were able to improve your mood every single day?

What would you then be able to achieve?

What's included?

  • Stef BFIT fitness class 

  • Two yoga sessions, including a Vino Vinyasa flow

  • Two workshops with Katherine Winny

  • Your choice of individual session with Stef or Kat 

  • Two lunches, evening meal, breakfast and snacks

  • Juices and nutrition presentation by Go Organic Juices

  • Glamping in a stunning environment with Arabian Glamping

  • Meditation under the stars

  • Post event follow up session with Stef or Kat 

Join us to:


> discover the real cost stress is having on you


> identify your stress triggers


> form a new perspective on the impact of stress on your life


> learn how to incorporate small easy steps effortlessly into your day to win you extra, stress-free time for you


> deal with any pesky excuses you know will come up


> enjoy a wonderfully relaxing yoga flow suitable for all levels


> learn a simple take home yoga practice you can adopt at home


> enjoy an exotic range of juices from Go Organic